Sunday, July 28, 2013

All That 'maters

While talking to a co-worker in the office last week, the subject came up about homegrown tomatoes -- or 'maters. She told me she purchased a couple plants for 75 cents each at Lowe's a month or so ago, and now there's little green tomatoes on the vines.

Not a bad investment when you consider the cost of tomatoes at the supermarket. And the 'maters you buy at the supermarket aren't that good unless they're locally grown. Better yet, the farmer's market, and we have an excellent one here in Frankfort.

But I'm getting off the subject.

So today I stopped by Lowe's, hoping to find some tomato plants on the clearance rack. No such luck. But I did find patio tomato plants -- $3.98 each -- and they already had some small green tomatoes. I couldn't resist. I bought two plants, potting soil, and even some petunias.

I put the plants in two large planters. I'm not sure where to put them because they'll get too hot on our deck and perhaps not enough sun on the patio under the deck. They may end up on the front porch, behind some shrubs.

My wife isn't a big tomato fan although she does like BLTs. Since I'm a vegetarian, I'll eat prepare mine with vegetarian bacon. Now don't turn up your nose because they're actually quite good. I also like sliced tomatoes on just about any (vegetarian) sandwich, veggie burger, or simply by themselves. Tomatoes are tasty with egg sandwiches, toast or English muffin, for breakfast. I even like fried green tomatoes (but not for breakfast).

I recall my elementary school days when tomato sandwiches (with a dab of mayonnaise) were one of the items on the lunch line. I still like them. 

And I can't wait when those 'maters start turning red!

Until the next time...

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