Thursday, August 1, 2013

Walk Don't Run (or Jog)

I've always enjoyed walking. I'm an urban hiker when I visit a big city. I love to hike at our state parks and other scenic places. And when the weather isn't cooperating, you'll find me on my treadmill.

This summer I've tried to use walking as a big part of my regular exercise. Twice a day during the work I'll venture out of the office and walk with co-workers. If it's raining, we'll walk in the parking garage or inside the six-story building where I work. And at home, I try to walk my dog, Bailey, in the morning and evening. He needs his exercise as well. 

I'm the first to admit that I've slowed down a bit as I've gotten older, but I've never been a sedentary-type guy. I've always been on the move. I used to play tennis until my tennis buddies started having health issues. I also played softball and basketball. I also used to sing karaoke but that's another story.

I've never been interested in jogging because it seems too time consuming and I have other non-exercise things such as writing and honey-do's. Furthermore, I'm not sure my knees could handle jogging. And it seems like too much trouble putting on jogging gear when all I have to do to go walking is, well, start walking. The main thing is to have a comfortable pair of shoes.

These morning and afternoon walks at work have been invigorating, especially in the afternoon when I feel like taking a short nap (older folks will understand). 

Besides the physical activity, I find that walking helps relieve some stress so it's mental exercise for me as well. And walking with my friends, it also becomes social as we chat about various and sundry things along the way.

Visit The Walking Site for more information about the benefits of walking. 

And for something to put you in the mood for your daily jaunts, here's Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, The Ventures, playing their 1960 hit, "Walk Don't Run."

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