Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving Forward To Publication

I finished my manuscript on Sunday afternoon and sent it off to my publisher. I gave it a final proofread and  made some minor changes, and then formatted it to the publisher's specifications.

Am I completely satisfied with the manuscript? Of course not. I believe most, if not all, writers will tell you that they could tinker with their manuscript for years and never be totally satisfied.

But there comes a time when you simply have to let it go and move on to other things. That's not to say I'm not pleased with the story. If I wasn't, then I wouldn't be writing this post.

The editing process isn't over. The manuscript will go through another reader and then I'll work with an editor in finalizing it for publication.
Along the way I'll work with a graphic artist on a cover and complete other items such as the dedication, acknowledgments, and biographical information. In addition, there will be pre-publication promotion and a book trailer.

As you can see, there is more work to be done. At least I can take a breather for a few weeks.

Until the next time...  


  1. The list goes on, and on.
    My newest novel is the only one I've ever thought stood a chance with a traditional publisher so I hope to be copying you soon. Are we the most self punishing people for putting ourselves through this?
    Good luck.

  2. I'm inclined to agree with you Roger. We know that we're probably not going to get rich from doing it (we can still dream!) but there is a satisfaction of creating something from an idea. Keep me posted on your progress.

    You still have work to do, but the hardest part is done! I wish you lots of success xoxo, elizabeth

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. I'm enjoying being away from the manuscript right now. Have a great week.