Thursday, June 27, 2013

Five Rewrites and Nearing the End

I just completed the fifth rewrite on my young-adult novel.  I plan to submit the manuscript to my publisher this weekend.

But before I put it in the required format, I've got one more thing to do. Read it again.

Yes, I'll go over the manuscript one more time.

The latest rewrite came after I printed the manuscript. A writer gains a different perspective seeing the words on paper rather than a computer screen. And my red pen got a workout.

I'm sure there will be some minor (please no major!) changes on my final read. I'll be looking more for transition and flow.

I was also reminded from the last rewrite that spell check isn't infallible. Yes, it'll note misspelled words but it won't let you know if it's the incorrect word. I came across several words that altered the meaning, or made sentences nonsensical. So be sure and read every word closely.

Will this finish the editing process? No. An editor will go through the manuscript, make corrections, and perhaps offer suggestions.

Until the next time...


  1. Keep at it. Good luck.
    My new novel has just received its seventh rewrite and it's still not right.

  2. Thanks and good luck to you as well, Roger.