Monday, August 19, 2013

Too Smart to Suit Me

When it comes to technology, I’m falling farther and farther behind as I get older. I don’t really care to own the new gadgets. Oh, I think they’re cool and do some neat things, but offer very little that I find essential to my life and well-being. 

Many of my friends, especially the younger ones, have smart phones. They surf the Internet, do voice texts, play games, take photos, and all sorts of other things – even talk on the phone. I guess some smart phones even offer GPS systems and all kinds of apps such as weather alerts and whatnot.

Yeah, they're neat and cool. But you know what? When my friends run their finger over the screen to do this and do that, I can barely see the images. And the type is so small and that it gives me a headache. You can enlarge the type but then it takes longer to read a story. I don't feel like carrying a magnifying glass with me to see and read what's on those screens.    
What do I own? I recently learned that I carry around a dumb phone. I can access email and even go on the Internet, if I want to. But I use my phone for text messages – off the keyboard – and to communicate via dialing a number to my wife, sons, and several friends. And I don’t do that often.     
I think it’s handy to have my dumb phone in case of emergencies, such as car trouble or medical problems or having to call my wife to make sure I pick up everything she needs at the grocery. My wife, who also has a dumb phone (we have a family value plan), has been known to call me and have me pick up some carryout for dinner – which she would probably consider an essential reason for having her phone.
Will I ever own a true smart phone? I doubt it unless I get a refurbished one after smart phones evolve into other areas. For the time being, and foreseeable future, I’m perfectly content with my dumb phone. It kinda reflects on my state of mind when it comes to new technology.
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