Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Older and Mortality

Just a quick post about getting older. 

Yes, getting older sure beats the alternative, for the most part. I suppose it depends on a person's condition at the time. I know those who are suffering in old age. 

But the thing I don't like is hearing of the passing of my contemporaries. I must admit that I look at the obituary page every day, something I've done for quite a few years. 

At first, it was primarily to see if the parents or kin of friends had died. Now, it's those who I went to high school or college with and those I knew from my career as a journalist/author. Today I learned about the passing of another person I've known for 30 years or so. It sucks.

I don't worry about my own mortality. I know I'm not immortal, and I don't care to be. But it saddens me to hear about those who are moving on to the great bey0nd or whatever. 

Until the next time....

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