Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Polar Vortex or Whatever

I'm just not getting all this attention to this phenomenon called a polar vortex. 

I know it's something like a hurricane, except that it originates around the North Pole, and brings cold weather to North America and, I suppose, northern Russia and other parts in the northern hemisphere.

But really, folks, don't you think too much has been made about it? I read one blog where they don't call it a polar vortex in Canada. They call it winter.

I agree that it's cold. It was -5  here where I live. I have friends in Wisconsin and Minnesota who were enduring -15 and lower, with wind chills at -50. That's very cold. 

I've been through winters where it got very cold; winters with several feet of snow; and winters with ugly ice storms.

This polar vortex, at least where I live, will last two days. Let me repeat that -- two days. It's not like a heat wave in the summer that will last for weeks, creating serious drought conditions and deaths. And it's not like the aforementioned other winter calamities.

Now if this polar vortex lasted weeks, creating something of a frozen winter -- perhaps a mini Ice Age -- then I could understand all the fear and panic. Something like, "The Day After Tomorrow," a movie that created a chill-effect several years ago.

But two days? I think not.

On Sunday, on the eve of this bone-chilling event, temperatures reached 56 in Kentucky. Then they plummeted overnight to around zero and below. Today the temperature reached 13. And tomorrow the forecast is for the mid-30s.  

By this weekend, we're expecting it to be in the 50s. Now that seems more unexpected to me than bitter cold this time of the year. 

In the meantime, stay warm and be ready when the next cold snap comes along. And before you know it, spring will be here.

Until the next time....

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