Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Laments

While reviewing some of my writing today that I keep on a thumb drive, I found six short stories. They are in the first-draft stage -- very raw -- but they are stories that I can sink my editing teeth into in the coming weeks.

My goal in the spring was to write 10 short stories so I could publish a second volume of "Laments" this year.  That seems doable now. 

I feel very motivated to write four more short stories in August. I already have ideas on how I want to approach each of the stories. They will all carry a similar theme as my previous collection; something that was my intent from the beginning.

It's reinvigorating to get back into creative writing. As I've mentioned several times before, I do a lot of writing at work, blogging, reviewing, and a few other outlets. But writing fiction is my favorite creative endeavor.

I'm also  tossing around ideas in my head on how to approach my next novel. In the past, there has been some kind of spark, and the words simply seem to flow on the screen. Perhaps that will happen again (it would be nice). 

But that's for another post.

Until the next time... 

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