Sunday, July 13, 2014

Story Songs: Shake You Down

One of the most sensual, soulful and sexy songs I've ever heard is Gregory Abbott's "Shake You Down."

The tune was released in September 1986 and reached No.1  on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in January 1987. It was written by Abbott and was on his debut album of the same name. 

Rock critic Dave Marsh rated the song No. 615 among the top 1001 singles in his book, "The Heart of Rock & Soul." He writes that it is a "slinky seduction song that uses traditional R&B harmony techniques in a contemporary rhythm ballad context."

The song opens with the narrator hoping to catch the attention of a woman and goes from there:

"Girl, I've been watching you
From so far across the floor now baby
That's nothing new
I've watched you so many times before now baby
I see that look in your eyes
And what it's telling me"

And apparently they make eye contact:

"And you know girl that I'm not shy
I'm glad you picked up on my telepathy"

The narrator admits that the woman knows what he's thinking:

"You read my mind
Girl I wanna shake you down
I could give you all the loving you need
Come on let me take you down
We'll go all the way to heaven"

Throughout the song the narrator expresses his desire for her:

"Let me ease your mind, oh baby
I got the remedy, just I do
Now give me just a little time"


"Every time I get to feeling this way
I wish I had you near me, 
I wanna reach out and touch you"

and finally,

"I can't stop thinkin' of the things we do
The way you call me baby when I'm holding you
I shake and I shiver when I know you're near
Then you whisper in my ear, oh baby, well, well"

On his website, Abbott is said to be "a favorite with the ladies for his sophisticated demeanor and intelligent green eyes with a sense of something much more." 

Abbott, who is 60,  was formerly married to singer Freda Payne ("Band of Gold"). He remains involved in music, writing for television and movies, as well as releasing nine albums.

"Shake You Down" lyrics

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