Monday, November 17, 2014

A Relative Beatle -- Louise Harrison

This past weekend I attended the 33rd annual Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort. It's one of my favorite events of the year. 

I've participated as an author on more than 10 occasions, and I've been a patron as many times. This year nearly 200 authors were in attendance, signing and reading from their works as well as taking part in various symposiums.

Louise Harrison at Kentucky Book Fair
The highlight of this year's fair for me was meeting Louise Harrison, the 83-year-old sister of the late Beatle George Harrison. 

She spent an hour talking about her brother, the closeness of her family, and of course, the other Beatles -- John, Paul and Ringo. 

She recalled a time when George came to visit her in Illinois in 1963, several months before Beatlemania swept America. She took him to a dance where there was a live music from a band.

She said that most of the people were dancing or talking, not paying much attention to the band. That changed when George was asked to play a few tunes. Remember, probably 99.9 percent of Americans hadn't heard of the Fab Four in the summer of 1963.

Practically everyone in the audience stopped what they were doing and paid attention to this guitar virtuoso on the stage. When it was over, some folks suggested that the band members ask George to stay in America and be part of the band. 

She offered several other stories, such as the family dealing with World War II and the German bombing of London, helping the band get airplay on U.S. radio stations, George's Concert for Bangladesh, and her final meeting with him in New York two weeks before he died in 2001.

By the way, Louise has written a book titled, "My Kid Brother's Band a.k.a. The Beatles!" I purchased the book and so far it's been a fun read, especially after talking to her. Her voice really comes through on the pages. And she has a perspective on the Beatles that only a loving and caring sister could provide.

Me and Louise Harrison
Louise is going to be promoting her book at other venues in the coming months. Be sure and visit her. You might even get a hug from  this sweet and delightful woman.

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