Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Record

I know this is probably an age-related thing but I like compact discs and LPs. I recently read an article about the demise of CDs as more people are beginning to download music.

Let me say that I wasn't that happy when CDs made their presence in the 1980s. Yes, they sounded better than scratchy vinyl counterparts but LPs arrived in beautiful packages -- some good enough for framing -- and they contained information about the artist(s) and the songs.

Sure, the plastic cases CDs come in have photos and info but you practically have need a magnifying glass to read any of it. For me, that gets more difficult each year.

As for digital downloads, the music sounds great but that's just about it. I own an iPod but seldom use it except in the summer when I'm working in the yard. Downloads tell me nothing about the artist other than the music. I suppose I can go online and do a search but that's too much trouble.

No doubt downloads alleviate space problems for listeners, and maybe that will be important in the future as the population grows. But for now, I like the experience of taking a CD or vinyl record from its package and placing it in a player, then sitting back and enjoying the music.

I really think the music business is hurting and downloads are a big part of the problem. Sometimes I'll listen to the radio (yep, I even do that in the car) and never hear the name of the song or artist. How's a person supposed to download the songs if you don't have a clue who the recorded the music?

Oh, well.

Until the next time...

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