Friday, December 2, 2011

Weighty Issues

The holiday season weighs heavily on me as I get older. It comes around too often, and it's difficult to let go.

I'm talking about the food. You can't escape it this time of the year. At least I can't. And when I succumb to the temptations on the platter, I pay for it when I have to loosen the belt a notch (and hopefully not two) on my pants.

I shouldn't blame it all on the Christmas season because it starts with Halloween. That's when you have sweet treats in the house to give to costumed children. Of course, you have a bowl of candy left over, and what you can't consume in between regular meals, you take to the office to share with others who are doing the same. And it takes several days before it's gone -- to your waistline.

Then there's Thanksgiving Day. Need I say more?

And now, with Christmas approaching, there will be parties, folks bringing all sorts of goodies into the office, and getting together with family and friends  for numerous homemade feasts. When I got home from work today, my wife had baked two pumpkin pies. You got it -- I couldn't resist a slice.

No wonder many of us are continually fighting the battle of the bulge. I think the only solution might be is to skip regular meals since I'll give in to the baked goods, candies, and even fruit cakes.

Good luck and don't break the scales!

Until the next time...

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