Thursday, May 16, 2013

An I for An I

One of the challenges I've faced while editing and rewriting my manuscript is making sure I don't lose my point of view. I'm writing in first person, which means the story is being told through the narrator.

That means that I only know what the narrator sees and hears and feels. I can't get into other character's heads (or multiple third person points of view). I can only surmise, through the narrator's thoughts and feelings, what others making be thinking and feeling. And don't we do that in real life?

This is the first time I've written in first person. It can be restrictive (for the above reason) but again it allows me to go more deeply into the narrator -- who is the main person in the story.

I get to express sadness and happiness, and everything in between in the protagonist. I'm able to share with more with the reader on a personal level.

The key for me -- a third-person kind of writer -- is to make sure I stay within the rules of first person. 

And since the manuscript is for the young-adult genre, I have to make sure that the narrator thinks and feels like a teenager. Now that's the biggest challenge!

Until the next time...


  1. I think is not an easy way to write, but to the reader, at least in my opinion, makes the story more real, I am sure you are gonna make a terrific job Michael!!! keep up with your great work!!!! xoxo, Eliz

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth. I like challenges and doing different things. In that respect, this manuscript has been "fun" to work and shape.

  3. Good luck. I tried that a few times but I find it too restrictive for the reasons you've already mentioned.

  4. It's been interesting, Roger. Have you ever tried first person in a short story? I do find that first person can be more personal in that you can delve into a person's head. I've read that it can be particularly effective for mysteries.

  5. I tried, but then I can't be God and know what everyone is thinking. I don't use fully omniscient all the time, but in my Y/A novels I like to know what's going on in the heads of my three main heroes because I can create conflict when all the lads want to be cool but stop the others from knowing just how afraid they are.

  6. I can see where this style is quite a challenge! Nothing you won't be able to achieve, I am quite sure. Your title on this post is I-catching! Have a good weekend, Michael.

  7. Thanks, Sandie. I hope you have a great weekend.