Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Rewrites Down and More to Go

I've now completed three rewrites on my young-adult manuscript.  I hope to finish it in two or three weeks. I do plan to take Memorial Day off and enjoy the holiday.

In the latest rewrite, I removed one scene that was too similar to an earlier scene and rewrote the ending. I still  have more work to do on the final chapter to wrap up everything.

In the third rewrite, besides the deleted scene and final chapter, I concentrated on description in the manuscript. I also cut needless words in the narrative and dialogue. 

I wanted to trim the fat by about 2K words but only managed 500. I'm not sure if there'll be much more slicing and dicing in the next rewrite.

Until the next time...


  1. Perhaps you should take a week off. A little time always brings a little more objectivity, I find.

  2. Hi Roger....I'll probably take a break from the manuscript after the next rewrite. I'm in a groove right now and don't want to break the rhythm. But I agree that it's beneficial to get away from a manuscript and return to it with fresh eyes.

  3. It´s always good to take some time off and review your work with fresh eyes :D I hope you enjoy your break :) xoxo eliz

  4. Thanks, Elizabeth. I won't go back to it until Tuesday. After I finished the fourth rewrite, I'll take a week off - per Roger's suggestion -- for another edit.