Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Songs

Ah, summer has finally arrived!

I really love summer unless it gets horribly hot, drastically dry, or relentlessly rainy. Other than that, it's the time of the year to spend time at the beach, hiking, camping, travel, golf, tennis and all sorts of things. Or doing nothing at all!

For me nothing brings back memories of past summers than music. And the summer tunes from my teen-age years -- the time when life was somewhat carefree and I thought I'd live forever (so far, so good!) -- are the best. 

There are many great summer songs. I thought I'd share some that I really enjoyed long ago and still do. The songs have summer or summertime in their titles:

"Summertime Blues" was originally made famous by Eddie Cochran in the late '50s but I like the cover by Blue Cheer from my heavy metal days. It topped at No. 14 on the charts in 1968.

"Summer in the City" by The Lovin' Spoonful, a No. 1 hit in '66. This song really captured how sweltering the heat can be in big cities.

"Hot Fun in the Summertime"  by Sly and the Family Stone reached No. 3 in 1969. I think Sly knew how to have fun.

The Jamies' "Summertime, Summertime," had an infectious melody that really sets the mood for summer days. The song reached No. 26 in 1958.

Chad & Jeremy defined soft rock in the '60s with songs such as "A Summer Song," a No. 7 song during the first wave of the British Invasion in 1964.

Bobby Goldsboro sang about "cougar" love in "Summer (The First Time)" in '73. The song reached No. 21 on the pop charts.

"In The Summertime," by British group Mungo Jerry, captured the careful days of summer. It reached No. 3 in the United States in '70.

A little known summer song I liked was by the Dave Clark 5 called "Here Comes Summer" released in '70. It was a bigger hit for Jerry Keller, who also wrote the tune, reaching No. 14 in '59.

One more song, Johnny Rivers' "Summer Rain," released in '67 and reached No. 14.

For more songs of summer, visit these sites:

What's your favorite song(s) of summer?

Until the next time...

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