Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Responsible Cut

My buddy Bailey had part of his doghood removed yesterday. Yes, he was neutered. As you can see from the photo, he's taking it easy on the chair in my study.

Bailey taking it easy while recuperating from surgery.
Bailey was a bit sore and groggy when we brought him home from the vet, but today he seems to be doing very well. He almost seems to be his old self -- bouncy and full of energy -- something we need to harness a few days while he heals from the surgery.

We'll have to keep Bailey in close quarters for a couple of weeks. That means he won't be seeing his doggy friends Sandie and Lady during his recuperation. They love to frolic about in the yard, something Bailey must avoid at this time. But they'll be playing again before too long. 

Bailey weighs about 7.8 pounds and we don't think he'll get any bigger. He was a one-pounder when we brought him home last December as a rescue pup. He's a healthy, lovable pet who has fit perfectly into our family. 
Bailey wore a onesie to keep from licking his neuter stitches.

Why neuter? I guess the easy answer is because it's the responsible and right thing to do. The ASPCA offers a list of  top 10 reasons for having a pet neutered or spayed. 

I really can't add to the ASPCA list other than my wife and I want the best for Bailey -- and while Bailey might argue the point if he could -- we know in the long run  that he'll be healthier and happier.

Until the next time...


  1. awww what an adorable puppy! and I agree with you Michael, is the best for your doggie :) ... I bet now he wants to be spolided twice as much! ;)
    really nice pictures!! wishing your little furry friend a quick recovery xoxo Eliz

  2. You've got that right, Elizabeth. The gals in the vet's office said he was milking this for all the affection he could get! The recuperation has been rather quick, but he still wants a lot of attention! Oh well....